RMR Event Information

Also known as Hotels

RMR Events:

Friday June 3rd: 

    1:00 PM Droid Racing 

    6:30 Group Dinner

Saturday June 4th:

    8:00 AM RMR Rebellion Arrives

    1:00 PM Group Photo

    2:00 PM Costume Contest

    6:30 Group Dinner    

What's New in 2022:

    This year marks a return to our original format.  Members will park in class (no individual showfield) and will compete in the regular Carilse Event.  We would like to try to roll in together as a single group Saturday morning, which would allow members to park together in their classes, making mini Red Showfields all over the event.

   The RC Racing will return with an additional class for anyone who has a Star Wars Droid.  More info on classes to come - but there will be cool trophies for the winners.

   Speaking of trophies - without our own mini-show, we won't give out our normal "Show awards" - but there will be several specials awarded to members who attend.  

   We are planning to return to Aroogas for the 3rd year... so save room for those GIANT pretzels.

How to Register for the event:

1.    Go to Carlisle Events and register for the regular showfield under whatever class your Mustang would be under (based on year, trim, stock/modified, etc.)

2.    Under club affiliation please make sure to indicate RED MUSTANG REGISTRY.  If you do not, we risk not having a tent in the years to come.

If you have any questions - please e-mail